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About opsis

  Experience and Innovation – in our case these are not just empty words.
Opsis GmbH is the system integrator with the most extensive experience for industrial image processing worldwide with a long tradition and sound know-how from several hundreds of projects.

The founder and CEO of opsis GmbH, Helmut A. Kappner, developed the "primary system" of the industrial camera test technology OMS at the German-Swiss BBC company (known today as ABB) and marketed it worldwide after 1980 before he founded opsis GmbH in 1984.

Since that date opsis GmbH has been setting the milestones for visual testing.

Opsis GmbH has a powerful software pool with numerous solutions for various industrial applications. These solutions can easily be expanded at anytime since all program modules are produced within the company. In addition there is our know-how of the hardware, optics and lighting, enabling us to include our own lighting which is reflected in many patents.

It's no wonder that opsis GmbH is a popular place to go when it comes to difficult and new challenges....


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