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3D-measurement of clay bricks - inline

The BRICKchecker is a quality control instrument for the geometry of bricks. It works contact-free and can thus be used in wet areas.

  • The bricks are lit with state-of-the-art LED and laser lighting and recorded with contact-free camera technology.
  • Up to 64 different types of bricks can be retrieved in a lot change via a selector switch or menu on the display.
  • Simple entry of new types by bricks of bulk goods within 5 minutes, to include tolerance entries.
  • Use in wet areas (straight after the cut)
  • Use in dry areas
  • Sorting signal, optional to include sorting device
  • Optional testing of master gauge for holes on both sides

Technical data

  • All 4 angles as viewed from above
  • Length (on three locations)
  • Width (on 2 locations)
  • Banana (front sides) on several levels
  • max. 5 bricks / s
Repetition precision:
  • ± 0.2 mm (length, width, banana)
  • ± 0.2° (angle)
Manifold of types:
  • up to length x width x height:
    250 x 500 x 250 (mm)
Optimal testing of master gauge for holes on both sides 

BRICKchecker product data sheet [PDF] (only in German)

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Monitor display with camera image masking when measuring from above.

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