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The tailor-made problem solution for ball checks

The opsis BALLchecker tests all kinds of balls...
  • with test precision up to the sub-micrometer range
  • with three cameras simultaneously
  • with test cycles of 20 to 30 balls/s

Examples of what can be tested:

  • Steel balls
  • Precision glass balls
  • Coloured metal balls
  • Medicines in the shape of balls
  • etc.

The testes are performed in three views, i.e. on three circumferences, whereby the 3 camera axes together each form an angle of 90°.

Test criteria could be:
  • Diameter measured on 3 circumferential lines, e.g. 1000 diameters per circumferential line.
  • Ovality measured on 3 diameters measured on 3 circumferential lines, e.g. 3 x 100 points of measurement.

In transparent glass balls for the phamaceutical market the following will also be tested:
scratches and cracks in the entire ball thanks to the tripod design of the cameras

  • Blow holes and inclusions inside
  • Soiling of the entire surface

BALLchecker product data sheet [PDF] (only in German)

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Lilly France: testing of glass balls for the pharmaceutical industry

Each camera tripel illustrates an online monitor display

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