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Checking of labels with camera technology

Opsis LABELchecker is a checking system for the presence and position control of labels, capsules, ribbons and seals on bottles. It also checks the presence and correct print of inscriptions, e.g. the date when bottled.

Opsis LABELchecker consists of the scanner head with a CCD camera and long-lasting lighting, PC and operating unit and a combined scene and operating monitor. The lighting is an LED array with high durability just like the other electronics, technology which was first introduced into the market by opsis GmbH in 1986. The PC unit has been in rough brewery operation for years, e.g. for scanning keg codes.

Opsis LABELchecker is installed in the bottling line, directly behind the labelling machine. Due to the compact design of camera and lighting, only a few centimetres of installation space are required so that the opsis LABELchecker can be integrated into every line. With test speeds of up to 42,000 bottles/h (standard: 24,000/h), the opsis LABELchecker has no trouble keeping up with your rate of production

Technical data:

Cameras and lighting:
  • High resolution CCD cameras
  • Up to 4 cameras can be connected
  • Durable LED special lighting in aluminium housing
  • Measurements, each approx. (hxwxd):
    400 x 120 x 50 mm
PC and operating unit :
  • PC module: 19", 4 units of height, PCI bus industrial PC in switching cabinet, approx. (hxwxd): 1800 x 600 x 550 (mm), IP 66, lockable door with glass front, operating monitor XVGA 17", keyboard in drawer.

LABELchecker product data sheet [PDF] (only in German)

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LABELchecker in use at Asbach, Rüdesheim

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