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Camera-supported screw check system

Automatic screw connection is on the advance. As such, quality requirements on the connecting element are on the increase because faults in the parts will cause immediate and expensive standstill times. But also in the fields of manual screw connection – in particular for vehicle and aircraft construction – you have to be able to rely completely on the connecting technology you use. Therefore, there is an increasing demand for a 100% check of screws and nuts.

  • The testing system is based on opsis GmbH's well-proven components and software modules which have been in use worldwide since 1988.
  • What we have retained is rapid testing technology with CCD cameras and durable LED lighting.
  • What is new is the industrial PC technology with the fastest of processors.
  • Likewise, ingenious tests of the inside tackle are now possible. For years they were only a pipe dream for many users and until now could not be technically realised. 
  • In a special version, all-round testing is also available! 
  • Many other headed rotation and form components can be tested, besides screws and rivets. 

Shaft-Ø:1 - 16 mm
Total length:max. 100 mm
Number of units:up to 12 parts / s
Tolerances:min. 0,02 mm
Air consumption:ca. 150 l / min
Air supply:min. 4 bar
Weight: 300 kg
Power:220 V
Main fuse:10 A
Measurements: (LxTxH / mm) 1300 x 900 x 1400

SCREWchecker product data sheet [PDF] (only in German)

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Testing principle using a side and head camera

Well-proven overall solution with optimal acoustic attenuation

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