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Camera testing and measuring technology as an overall solution

All kinds of small parts:
  • Rotation symmetrical parts: pins, covers, ripples, screws and all kinds of rotation parts
  • Flat parts: nuts, cut parts, plastic parts, seals, membranes, etc.
High number of cycles:
  • Up to 20 parts per second (depending on the type and configuration of the part)
Statistic analysis:
  • Output of individual test values
  • Statistic summary as a report
  • Graphical diagram display for direct analysis of the trends
Modular configuration:
  • Feed from joggle conveyor, layer conveyor or centrifugal conveyor
  • Test in:
    - test slide for all kinds of suitable parts
    - horizontal rotary plate for flat parts
    - vertical rotary plate for cylindrical parts 
  • Blow-out or ejection of good parts, defect parts will continue to rotate
  • Packing of the good parts in bags or magazines
High testing reliability:

  • Either blow-out of defect parts or good parts (good parts are blown out – active sorting)
  • Low rate of pseudo defects
  • High testing reliability.

PARTchecker product data sheet [PDF] (only in German)

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Standard testing cubicle with glass rotating plate and up to 4 high resolution cameras per system (standard)

Feed with a coil conveyor, centrifugal conveyor, etc.

4 camera system being used to test automotive parts at Bosch

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