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Camera-LIDAR – also known as "time-of-flight-method" - is an internationally patented invention of opsis GmbH. It is regarded as the most significant radiation physical discovery since the LASER and the RADAR.

AUDI AG, for example, is about to begin the market launch for driver assistance systems in premium models.

Camera-LIDAR in its latest and low-cost version (PMD) will also be of interest for industrial automation, for example in the case of 3D recording of components for robot handling.

Our other inventions in the field of industrial automation are usually not quite so spectacular but often just as innovative.

Thanks to superior technology in several areas of application we are leader in the world market in key fields such as the automation industry, beverage logistics, the furniture and parquet industry, plastic packing and postal processing.

Take advantage of over 25 years of experience of opsis GmbH from hundreds of projects in various fields. Challenge us – even with problems which others have long since given up in defeat!

Go into the lead with innovative visual testing!

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A high-frequency, modulated infra-red floodlight lights up the street while the camera is modulated with equal frequency. In this process, different distances to the objects in the scene are recorded in varying degrees of brightness. The 3D image is thus built up in a few milliseconds.

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